Marijuana & Sex: 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

There are many ways to establish a lasting and loving relationship. But do you know that marijuana can help with some aspects of the relationship, especially those related to sex.

Researchers at New York University found that sex under the influence of marijuana is more enjoyable than having sex under the influence of alcohol. They also showed that people who have sex under the influence of alcohol more often regret the wrong choice of partner after sobering up. People under the influence of cannabis choose their sexual partners better and compared to people under the influence of alcohol, they do not think that the person is more attractive.

Smoking Before Sex Is More Pleasant

A study published by the Journal of Sex Research in 1984 suggests that “smoking marijuana increases the pleasure experienced during sex and increases desire.” Marijuana was also associated with more sexual activity and more sexual partners.

Cannabis For Erectile Dysfunction

Men with erectile dysfunction may experience some benefits associated with using marijuana. Studies show that how marijuana affects blood pressure, body weight, anxiety and cholesterol can help men with erectile dysfunction.

But, Only In Moderation…

However, the researchers suggest that too much marijuana or too high THC can make the result completely opposite. Some say that varieties that have more than 14 percent THC can become lazy and make the desire for sex less. In this case, less means more.

Regular Marijuana Users Feel Sexier

Experts see a link between regular use of marijuana and a lighter, firmer skin and low body mass index (BMI). Sexiness is a subjective issue, not an objective one, so if you feel more sexy – you look sexy more.

Creativity In Bed Is a Must!

Creativity is not only about art, music and literature. People under the influence of marijuana often indicate the improvement of creativity. When you’re more creative, you’re more likely to try new things – especially in bed. It is known from now that lack of creativity = boredom.

Porn Stars Use Marijuana to Increase Pleasure

Porn stars undoubtedly like sex, and many of them also like smoking herbs. Some porn stars have combined both passions and combine sex with marijuana smoking. Adult movies such as Madison Ivy, Daisy Dabs and Keisha Gray combine good cannabis with good sex and promote this view in social media.

Weed Smokers Make Better Lovers

A survey conducted by 420Mate indicates that marijuana users are good and loyal lovers. Only 2% of marijuana users could betray their partner. Consumers of marijuana were also asked if they were interested in their own orgasm or partner. 77.8% of respondents admitted that the pleasure of their partner is more important to them.

Hugging Is More Intimate

Do you know the feeling you feel when you are hugging your partner? This is called oxytocin and when cuddling our body produces the highest possible level of oxytocin. Add dopamine, which is released while smoking marijuana, and this feeling will increase the pleasure of caressing even more, which in turn will lead to better sex and even more permanent relationship.

Marijuana Helps The Female Orgasm

Because many women have problems with achieving orgasm during sex, some of them are looking for a solution in cannabis. There are special marijuana strains that will help these women achieve orgasm, and those who have no problem with reaching orgasm will feel it even more.


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