3 Ways to Include Cannabis in Your Romance

When it comes to cannabis culture there is one thing that pretty much all of us have in common – we love cannabis. The plant provides a unique outlook on life, allowing you to expand your mind and see and feel things more intensely than you would normally – so it’s no wonder that couples who enjoy cannabis have found ways to bring it into their romantic lives as well.

From allowing you to get to know your partner better to enhancing your intimate experiences, cannabis certainly has its place in romance.

Pass a Joint

Studies have found that couples who smoke more cannabis, have more sex – or that couples who have more sex, smoke more cannabis. Whichever order this goes in, one possible reason is that couples who consume cannabis are doing so while they work their way up to sex.

Starting things off with a joint as you work your way into being interwind with one another is a sure-fire way to make things feel more intense. Some couples say that using cannabis before hand allows it to feel like the experience lasts longer as well as intensifying climaxes.

Intimacy Oils

If you want to take your cannabis use in the bedroom one step further, intimacy oils are one of the newest popular trends in the legal cannabis market. Intimacy oils are made with THC and/or CBD (but usually THC or a combination of the two) and are intended for use on your most sensitive regions. These oils are known for making the entire experience more intense and make climaxes almost unreal according to those who have tried it.

Think Deeper

Maybe you’re looking for something more personal and less physical – and if that is the case then you will find that cannabis can still help enhance your romance. By providing a relaxing and euphoric atmosphere cannabis is perfect for opening conversations that are deep and much more than your daily surface level issues – which will help you know the way your partner thinks and views the world a little bit better.


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